About Us

Who we are

We are a young startup, based in Munich, Germany. We are working on an independent and trustworthy web search engine with its own index and search technology.

One of the driving forces behind our work is, to give us (and you) transparent control over the search results, according to the motto you get what you search for.

The two founders have a strong background in math, as well as many years of experience in design, development and operations of complex IT systems.

Independent by very own index

So far, all so-called "alternative search engines" are actually just search masks for the very few major search engines. Practically all search results come from the one (or two) major search engines.

URL index and crawling

To be really independent from the big tech giants, we are building our own independent URL index, using our own web crawlers.

search index and ranking

From crawling we feed the text indexing and search, which are language dependent.

At time of presence (September 2021), we maintain text search indexes for two languages:

  • German index: 150 million pages indexed
  • English index: 300 million pages indexed

For text indexing and search the classical BM25 approach is used - among others - with boolean search and search for phrases. On top of that, we make use of our own independent ranking algorithms, so search results and ranking are usually clearly distinguishable. We also offer transparent search filters , e.g. filters for "big" sites or for recently published pages, that deliver results you would expect.

Innovative search algorithms

similarity search

Sometimes plain text search feels limiting. With the experimental similarity search, based on vector models, you could gain a completely new search experience.

Our vision

The infotiger search engine is yet at its beginning, we're working hard to expand the index significantly, to constantly improve search experience, and to push towards new ideas in information retrieval.

Privacy commitment

... and yes, we neither collect user data nor do we track users. For us - a matter of course. Please see our privacy policy for details.

For an independent and efficient web search

More than 30 years after the World Wide Web first saw the light of day at CERN, only very few search giants determine the results of all of our web search.

The major search engines work neither transparently nor can the ranking (order of results) be really influenced. Over 90 percent of search requests in Europe go to a single search engine!

Let's take back control!